The Challenge

ANZ, one of Australia’s largest banks, held an end-of-year roadshow for its delivery division, TSO (Technology, Services and Operations) in November 2015. TSO is ANZ’s core support division, responsible for technology, operations and service delivery to all customer-facing divisions and enablement functions across the bank.

The main event attracted about 1,500 attendees. ANZ needed an innovative and transparent way to engage them all, like allowing them to ask questions of management and participate in deciding which questions get answered.

Drs Patrick Maes, General Manager of Strategy and Planning for TSO, said that in previous meetings the bank had looked at a range of interactive platforms, but none of them had proved suitable. “They didn’t have the capabilities we wanted, and we found our people weren’t able to reach the level of engagement they wanted – to actually take part in the process,” he said.

“Transparency is very important to us. Every year we survey our people on what they want, and open and transparent communication always comes out on top. So we looked around for something that might help our team members get more involved.”

“Many of the meeting products we looked at didn’t offer the crowd-sourcing capability to vote on questions, making it difficult for people at large offsite events like the TSO roadshow to interact.” explained Drs Maes. “We also needed to be able to bring the event to everyone’s mobile devices, so they could all become part of the event and inform the conversation.”



The Solution

For the TSO event, ANZ employed Zeetings, a cloud-based presentation and interaction platform that enabled the interactivity the bank needed. “It’s a kind of a crowd-sourcing approach to the Q&A process,” said Drs Maes.

Attendees use Zeetings through a web application on their smartphones, which shows the potential questions from other attendees. This allows them to anonymously vote on the questions from their peers that they feel are most appropriate.

As ANZ attendees arrived at the TSO event, live tweets were displayed, alternated with event hashtag and polling instructions, allowing the audience to connect and participate in the conversation. Zeetings was employed to facilitate the Q&A session, as a way of highlighting the most popular questions that the audience wanted addressed. But all attendees see all questions asked.

“The Zeetings tool gives us a secure private link to all attendees,” explained Dr Maes. “This helps the presenters guide the event, keeping the attendees engaged and focused throughout the session.

“At any time during the presentation, audience members can post questions or comments, building out our Q&A discussion topics in real-time in a way that is transparent and honest. Audience members can ‘like’ their favourite questions with the top-rated ones being prioritised for the Q&A panel.

“That meant the questions were not sugar-coated,” said Drs Maes. “The attendees could tell we weren’t cherry-picking the easy questions. The process automatically filtered out inappropriate questions, and meant that a moderator was not needed.”

More than half of the 1,500 attendees engaged on the Zeetings platform. From this group over 150 comments came in with over 1,500 ‘likes’ for questions and comments. The online meeting was kept open for three days after the actual event, to allow attendees to look at the voting and make further comments.

ANZ has a philosophy of helping Australian start-up companies like Zeetings. “If they have the right product, we like to plug them into our ecosystem,” said Dr Maes. “Here at ANZ, we like to do things a little differently, and local tech companies can be very innovative. Zeetings is a great example.”


IMG_1601 (1)The Results

“Using Zeetings delivered a great experience and a huge success,” said Drs Maes. “It highlighted one of TSO’s core values of employee engagement, which went through the roof.”

“We gathered a huge number of insights from our people that we would have otherwise missed. Zeetings allowed us to better understand how employees really feel. It shows we are open, that we care. We summarise our corporate values as ‘ICARE’ – Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Excellence. Zeetings is helping us achieve all of those things.

“By allowing attendees to vote, it ensured they set the tone of the conversation. Zeetings is very easy to use, both for the organisers and the attendees. It was clear from our earlier events that many people thought there was a reluctance to address the tough questions. The leadership team heard the feedback and were very happy to run with the change and use a new online tool that allows people to see and ‘like’ questions. The basic principle was to answer the ones with the most likes.”

People were quick to pick up on the changes to the Q&A, taking to Twitter to applaud the TSO Leadership Team for facing the hard questions. Some attendee responses:

  • “The question approach was fantastic. It was bold and courageous and it worked a treat. I was worried some people might abuse it but I was pleased that the maturity of the audience prevailed.”
  • “The use of the Zeetings technology in the Q&A session was most impressive.”
  • “The ability for attendees to pose questions that were relevant to them, and then vote on them, was brilliant.”
  • ”It was great to hear the panel answer real questions that were not moderated or planted.”
  • “Great innovation with the transparent Q&A. Some really tough questions and the team took them head-on and with good humour. People don’t expect our leaders to have all the answers, but they want to know that they’re not ignoring a serious problem, and that they’re prepared to discuss it in an open and transparent way. A victory for straight talk.”
  • “Loved being able to vote on the questions that were raised and have these answered on the spot.”


About ANZ Bank

The Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (www.anz.com) is one of Australia’s Big Four banks, and the largest bank in New Zealand. It operates in 34 markets, with major operations in Europe and Asia. It has over 50,000 employees.

TSO (Technology, Services and Operations) supports the global delivery of ANZ’s technology solutions and infrastructure, shared services and operations through a global integrated network of delivery hubs, with additional responsibility for major transformational projects and ANZ’s property and facilities. Working in close partnership with its customer divisions, TSO delivers a consistent customer experience to help drive the bank’s distinct competitive advantage.


About Zeetings

Zeetings (www.zeetings-dev.com) provides off-the-charts audience engagement and insight through a cloud based interactive presentation platform. Zeetings is designed to increase the ROI of events, presentations, meetings and training sessions by ensuring every attendee is engaged and by providing organizers with data-driven analytics about what took place. Over 3,000 companies are using Zeetings and over 15,000 presentations have been delivered on the platform.

Major users include ANZ, CSIRO, Westfield, Deloitte, Ikea and HP, many of whom have joined an informal user advisory board to help guide the direction of the product.

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