Ready to learn about 5 innovative ways to facilitate a crowd cheering Q&A?

Whether you’ve been using Zeetings since the beginning or are just checking us out for the first time, we want to help take Q&A at your next presentation, meeting, conference, panel discussion, etc. to the next level. Check out our … Read More

Developing your corporate mission statement

We have all seen it before, that email in your inbox, “Our New Mission Statement”. It will probably talk about values and customers. On one level you think it’s not bad, and you agree with most of it, but on … Read More

Case Study: ANZ

The Challenge ANZ, one of Australia’s largest banks, held an end-of-year roadshow for its delivery division, TSO (Technology, Services and Operations) in November 2015. TSO is ANZ’s core support division, responsible for technology, operations and service delivery to all customer-facing … Read More

Check out the Zeetings demo webinar.

Whether you’ve been using Zeetings since the beginning or are just checking us out for the first time, we want to help take your presentations to the next level. We figured the best way to do that would be to … Read More

Annecto: Bringing Disabled Conference Attendees Into The Conversation With Zeetings Polls

Annecto is one not for profit community inclusion organisation starting to understand the benefits of using digital technology to promote inclusion. The independent social purpose organisation works alongside other organisations to advocate for people with disability, older people, families and carers. In … Read More

Four Lessons from the Greatest Presentation FAILS

What do Mark Zuckerberg and Ronald Reagan have in common? They’ve both made embarrassing presentation blunders that you can learn from. Even the most well-known public figures can run into mishaps sometimes. Learn from these four presentation fails to become … Read More

Improved collaborative thinking: The World Café

If you are anything like the Team here at Zeetings you are always looking for activities that increase the level of discussion and improve collaboration. I had a call from one of our customers asking the best way to host a World Café at their … Read More

Robin Good looks at Zeetings

Robin takes Zeetings for a spin and finds out it’s a great tool for increasing the engagement level of your audience.

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Tips for hosting a panel discussion

These days we don’t like to be talked at; broadcast is out and interactivity is in. At Zeetings we are always looking for ways that we can help you make your presentations more interactive; a panel discussion is a great way … Read More